Leather Edge Paint Set
Leather Edge Paint Set
Leather Edge Paint Set
Leather Edge Paint Set
Leather Edge Paint Set

Leather Edge Paint Set

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🎨 Set of 16 colours.
Each colour is 30ml.
Matte finish.

Professionally finish your handmade bags with our Leather Edge Paint Set – the essential finishing touch for achieving flawless and smooth leather edges when making your own bags from home. 🙌

Specially formulated to the highest quality, these paints even out any irregularities in your leather edges, and can also be mixed to create custom colours - so your edges seamlessly match your leather every time. 😉

This product is sold as a set. This set includes 16 different paint colours in 30ml bottles, that you can easily blend into any colour you need. The colour finish is matte.

How to get a perfect leather edge finish on a handbag:

  1. First, trim your edges to create as much of a flat surface as possible. You can also finely sand your edges if necessary.

  2. Apply an even coat of our Leather Edge Base Coat and let dry for 5-10 minutes. If it dries crispy with any bumps, finely sand with a sanding file until smooth.

  3. Apply 3 even coats of our Leather Edge Paint. Let dry between coats, and finely sand with a sanding file to smooth edges before applying your next coat.

  4. When your third coat has dried, finely sand the edges to achieve a smooth and flawless look.

Please note that this product is sold as a set, and it is not possible to request individual paint colours at this time. Once opened, paints have a shelf life of 6 months.

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