Welcome to my Introduction to Bagmaking Course

In this 40-minute introduction video, you will learn about the different tools & components required to make your own high quality leather handbags from home, and a step-by-step bagmaking tutorial, to give you a taste of my teaching style. 🌟

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I've already gone through the introductory lessons and it was soooooo good - can't reccomend this course enough. Price was basically a steal! 😮

Needless to say I 'm super excited.. I wanted to learn over a decade ago but I don't think anyone could teach it the way Amanda does.


🔥 Just finished the introductory courses! So excited! Beautiful work that you and your team do! 👏


I highly recommend the course! I Can Make Shoes is great too!

Amanda does a great job making everything understandable and the classes are fun and rewarding.

Susan Meredith

The biggest fan ever!!! I love the course and definitely think a cat bag will be coming soon...

Jocie Juritz