Katie's Crochet Bucket Bag

Katie's Crochet Bucket Bag

To make this Raffia Crochet Bucket Bag, Katie used our DIY Bucket Bag Kit and Ra-Ra Raffia from Wool And The Gang in Desert Palm. 

Raffia Crochet Bag

The bag base comes with pre-punched holes all along the sides, making it ideal to crochet or stitch - all you need to do is add yarn (or your chosen material), everything else is included in the kit!

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To make this bag, Katie did a single crochet (US) / double crochet (UK) stitch using a 3.5mm hook. Katie crocheted straight into the pre-punched holes in the base, but of course you could crochet a panel and then stitch this in place using the needle and thread that comes with the kit.

DIY Bucket Bag Kit

Purchase the kit HERE. Also available in black.